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  • The China Food & Drinks Fair(CFDF) is held twice a year in spring and autumn. The first trade fair was held in 1955. The food and drinks fair is known as the "No. 1 Fair in the World" by the industry because of its large scale and remarkable effects. The 110th China Food and Drinks Fair will be held


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  • At 9 AM March 10,2022, "New Journey of High Quality and Strong Industry to the Future" Guizhou Moutai 2022 Annual Procurement and Supply Chain Conference was held in the banquet hall on the second floor of Moutai International Hotel. Major leaders from more than 200 key enterprises, state-owned ente


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  • To promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmen,to strengthen training of talents and improve workers’ skill ability and diathesis.To further create a good atmosphere of "show yourself, improve skills", to provide customers with better quality stainless steel tank products.Jiangsu Prettech Mach


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  • PRT returned to work officially on Feb. 7th. All staffs arrived at their positions on time and we held commencement ceremony and opened the e beginning of a sustained struggle in 2022 The President made a speech, made arrangements for the company's key work in this year, and made forecasts on the di


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  • Stainless steel water tank in high-rise buildings, as a water storage container of hundreds of households, whether the pollution of water quality directly affects people's health, should be in the long-term operation process, not oxidation, not biochemical, from corrosion and heavy metal chromium, n


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  • When choosing stainless steel dairy tank, choose stainless steel tank must have better performance in the use process, especially in the use of better performance guarantee. Can have more outstanding performance in service life, as well as the use of performance advantages, corrosion resistance and


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  • Maintenance of wine fermentation tank:1, If the air inlet pipe and outlet pipe joint leaks, when the screw joint does not solve the problem, the packing should be added or replaced.2, pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly, if there is a fault to timely replacement or repair.3,


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  • Now people like to drink beer very much, so do we know we use beer fermenter tanks and what characteristics?1. The bottom of the cone-shaped production process at any time to facilitate the discharge of yeast, requiring the use of cohesive yeast.2. The tank itself has a cooling device to facilitate


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  • Yalumba Winery, one of most esteemed and premium winery in Australia, completed their new winery in Tasmania recently, just in time for the vintage 2021.


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  • Crystallization process is widely used in the industries of chemistry, food and water treatment,etc. Cooling crystallization is one of the main methods applied.


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