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Australia Adelaide--Wine Fermentation Tanks Project--9 Pieces 10KL Dry Red Fetmentation Tank

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Customer information: 

XXXXX Family Vineyards is a well-known winery located on the west side of McLaren Vale, Australia. It is highly praised by the industry for its inheritance of traditional European winemaking techniques and deep understanding of McLaren Vale's regional characteristics. The winery not only owns its own vineyards, but also provides brewing services for other vineyards, so there is an urgent need to improve the production capacity and quality of wine.

In order to meet the growing market demand and improve wine production efficiency, XXXXX Family Vineyards purchased nine 10KL dry red wine fermentation tanks from Prettech. The project aims to increase the production capacity of its winery through the purchase and installation of advanced fermentation equipment, while ensuring that the quality and flavor of the wine are best displayed.

Prettech has 50 years of experience in the stainless steel equipment manufacturing industry. The stainless steel wine tanks we produce are widely praised in Australia, Europe and the United States.We have served hundreds of wineries, large and small, such as the famous wineries Yalumba, Hennessy, etc. For every project, we have a complete process.

Before the project started production, we had an in-depth discussion with the person in charge of XXXXX Family Vineyards on the configuration of the dry red wine fermentation tank. We customized the tank according to the winery’s production process and the type of wine, and issued a Detailed drawings ensure all equipment complies with Australian AS1692 standards. We immediately put into production within a week after the drawings were confirmed, and the entire production cycle took about 3 months. During this period, we regularly reported the project progress to the customer and shared progress photos. After production is completed, we perform necessary tests on the tanks such as: water pressure test, colorant test, etc. After the test is completed, a report will be issued to ensure that everything is qualified. After the customer pays the balance, the shipment will be arranged.



Our dry red fermentation tanks are made of 304 stainless steel to ensure that the tank is corrosion-resistant and suitable for long-term storage of wine. The inside and outside are 2B treated, and the internal welds have been ground, passivated and polished. The tank body is smooth and burr-free, ensuring that the tank is clean and hygienic and provides a good sanitary environment for wine brewing and storage.

The top of the tank is equipped with a pump over to fully utilize the maceration and fermentation of the grapes. Large area jacket coverage can achieve rapid cooling. The bottom adopts a sloped and flat structure, which is easy to discharge slag. It is also equipped with a drain box and filter cover, which makes juice dispensing convenient and not easy to get clogged. There is a square manhole under the tank for manual slag removal. Each nozzle of the tank is equipped with sanitary butterfly valves, which have a long service life.More details please contact

Finished product picture:

finish product

After more than a month of transportation,the goods arrived at XXXXX Family Vineyards intact. Customers have expressed high recognition of the quality of our products: fast fermentation cooling effect, fast slag discharge, energy saving and environmental protection, easy operation, easy maintenance, etc. Currently, customers are consulting us for other equipment such as pipelines, platforms, ladders, etc. We look forward to better cooperation in the future.

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