Brazed Plate Type Heat Exchanger For Heat Pump And Chiiler System
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Brazed Plate Type Heat Exchanger For Heat Pump And Chiiler System

The brazed plate heat exchanger with high corrosion resistance,high pressure resistance and high resistance temperature.
  • HEX-Brz

  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L

Product Description

Brazed plate type heat exchangers are one of the most efficient means to transfer heat from one medium to another. it can act as condensers, evaporators,oil or gas coolers and widely used in many different industries,such as heat pump system,chiller system,air conditioning process,refrigeration,data center cooling and residential heating.

The capacity range from 1-1200kW,the specifications are tailored,please send your RFQ for more details. Meanwhile,we also supply shell&tube heat exchanger,reactor,hot water tank,dissolving tank,alkali tank,vaccum buffer tank,sterilizing tank and CIP system. If you need them please inquire particularly.

Product Design

The Brazed plate type heat exchangers design by Unilab heat transfer software,we can choose between fluid-fluid calculations (without phase change), evaporation, condensing and steam.The software will calculate the best number of plates that satisfy the requested parameters, like for example capacity and pressure drops.

In SELECTION mode you can specify the requested parameters, like for example capacity,max pressure drops, number of passes. The software will calculate the best plate geometry and the number of plate.

structure of Brazed plate type heat exchangers

Product Structure

3D drawing of Brazed plate type heat exchangers

3D Drawing

Plate heat exchanger

Design Software

Selection Conditions:

Fluid Name Flow Rate Inlet Temp Outlet Temp Pressure

Hot Side

Cold Side

Heat exchanger selection is very important,we can choose the type of heat exchanger you need by our software.

Product Material:Heat exchanger is made of stainless steel 316/304 plates by copper or nickel brazed materials.

Product Advantage

High corrosion resistance,high pressure resistance and high resistance temperature.

1.High corrosion resistance to various fluid.

2.The vacuum hard welding process enables the plate heat exchanger to reach a pressure resistance of 45 bar.

3.High resistance temperature MIN-180°℃/MAX 250°℃,Can be used as super coolers and condensers.

Production Picture

Brazed Plate heat exchanger 01

Production Line

Brazed plate heat exchanger

Production Line

Brazed heat exchanger 01

Finished Product

Comment & FAQ

1.What material do you do for the plates?

A: We can provide a variety of grades of stainless steel, including SUS316L,SS304.

2. We did not know how to do the import, could you help us to deliver the goods to our door?

A:Of course! We can do DDU or DAP terms. We can take care of the whole process from our factory to your door and you only need to make the unloading work within the specified time.

3. Is your tanks can be used locally?

A: Yes,we are 100% sure that it can be used locally. The voltage is in accordance with local regulations and the spare parts can be easily replaced locally. And our tanks can be designed according to local standards if you required.

4. What should I do if there are quality problems?

A: We have a perfect quality control system to ensure there is no quality problem before dispatch. But in case there do have quality problem after arrival, we also have a rapid response and processing mechanism and reply in first time as we are 7 * 24 hours standby. Local repair as well as cargo replacement is supported to solve the problem.

5. Can we pay in RMB or EUR?

A: Of course.Except for payment in US dollars,we can accept payment in other currencies,such as RMB, EUR, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, JPY which can help our customers to reduce exchange losses and simplify the payment procedures.

6. Can you produce according to my requirements or drawings?

A: Yes,we can. Actually we always custimze for our customers and each project will have a special drawing. The customize point can be material, dimension, accessories as well as  orientation and so on.


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