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China Lifts Australian Wine Tariffs

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Today is a good day!

On March 28, the Ministry of Commerce of China issued an announcement announcing that starting from March 29, which is today, it will terminate the imposition of anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on imported wine originating from Australia. The Ministry of Commerce stated in the announcement that in view of the changes in the relevant wine market conditions in China, it is no longer necessary to impose anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on imported related wines originating in Australia. This news was welcomed by Australia and triggered strong reactions in major Australian media. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation stated on the 28th that this is the latest progress in easing trade disputes between the two countries since the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister to Australia.

Australian wine

He Yadong, spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce of China, introduced at a regular press conference on the 28th that with the joint efforts of both parties, China and Australia have reached a consensus on properly resolving WTO disputes under the framework of the WTO. On November 30, 2023, the Ministry of Commerce, in response to the application of the Australian Grape and Wine Association, launched a review investigation of anti-double measures on Australian wine in accordance with the law. Subsequently, the investigation process was promoted in accordance with the law, a comprehensive review of the claims and evidence of all interested parties was conducted, and a ruling announcement was officially issued on March 28, 2024. He Yadong said, "China and Australia are each other's important trading partners. We are willing to work with Australia to resolve each other's concerns through dialogue and consultation and jointly promote the stable and healthy development of bilateral economic and trade relations."

“The re-entry of Australian bottled wine into the Chinese market will benefit both Australian producers and Chinese consumers,” Australian Prime Minister Albanese and several senior Australian government ministers said in a joint statement on the 28th. “The abolition of taxation means that Australia will discontinue legal proceedings at the World Trade Organization."

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation said on the 28th that the news announced by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce was in line with previous unanimous speculation from the outside world. In October last year, on the eve of Albanese's visit to China, China announced that it would take five months to review the high tariffs imposed on Australian wine, and Australia also agreed to suspend its appeal to the WTO. The five-month period will expire at the end of this month, and Australia has been expecting the review to remove the tariffs. Australian media mentioned that China was once Australia's largest wine export market, with wine exports to China reaching AU$1.1 billion in 2019. However, after China imposed "punitive tariffs", the total export volume decreased by AU$860 million within one year.

The reporter noticed that the Australian Wine Authority has opened a special page on its official website to include the latest updates on China’s removal of tariffs. The webpage also provides answers to frequently asked questions about exporting wine to China and important links including Chinese government websites. You can also jump to view the Chinese and English versions of the "Guidelines for Exporting to the Chinese Market", which lists the latest wine import management regulations of the Chinese government for your reference. Reference for Australian exporters.

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