Copper Continuous Column still
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Copper Continuous Column still

Pretank can design and produce copper column continuous from 500L to 2000L.
  • STL-Clm-C

  • Pretank

  • Copper

  • 500L to 2000L, can be customized


| Product Description 

Continuous column still function as a sequence of individual pot stills, aligned in a tall, vertical structure. This tube is packed with either permeable material or bubble plates. As the vapors ascend, which possess lower alcohol content, they start to condense in the cooler, upper region of the column.

| Features
Continuous column still are great for making flavored spirits, but when it comes to producing large volumes of high-quality spirits, Column Stills are the way to go. These stills utilize an analyzer column to remove impurities and a rectifier column to increase ABV levels up to 96%. With the flexibility to heat or divide head and tail from any layer, master distillers can truly craft unique and outstanding spirits.

At "Pretank", we specialize in customizing column stills to suit your specific needs. We offer custom heating sources such as steam or water bath and collection vessels for head, heart, and tail. Trust us to provide a reliable and efficient solution for your grain-based or corn-based spirit production needs, such as Vodka or Gin. Try our spirits and experience the difference that clean "water" and a high ABV can make.

| Structure 

•Copper pot

•Swan neck

•Lyne arm


•Alcohol collection tank

Packaging & Shipping
All continuous column still are packed on steel saddle, and wrapped by crashproof blanket, loaded in containers or flat rack and braced by steel strips, to make sure the tanks would be shipped to the clients in the most perfect condition.


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