Copper Distillation Column still
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Copper Distillation Column still

Pretank can design and produce copper distillation column stills from 500L to 2000L, 
  • STL-Clm-C&S

  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L&Copper

  • 500L to 2000L, can be customized


| Product Description 

Copper Distillation Column still function as a sequence of individual pot stills, aligned in a tall, vertical structure. This tube is packed with either permeable material or bubble plates. As the vapors ascend, which possess lower alcohol content, they start to condense in the cooler, upper region of the column.

| Features

Efficient production: The continuous column distiller can continue the distillation process, improve production efficiency, and is suitable for large-scale production.

Refining the spirit: Due to its continuous operation nature, the continuous column still helps in better separation and refining of alcohol, producing high-quality distillate.

Energy Savings: Continuous column stills are generally more energy efficient and use heat energy more efficiently than traditional batch distillation.

Automated control: Continuous column distillers are usually equipped with advanced automated control systems that can monitor and adjust operating parameters at each stage to improve the stability and consistency of operations.

Flexibility: Continuous column stills are suitable for different types of brewing processes, and operating parameters can be adjusted to suit the production needs of different products.

Reduced manual intervention: Due to its continuous operating nature, the need for manual intervention is reduced, reducing operating costs.

Small footprint: Continuous column stills are usually compact in design and occupy a relatively small space, making them suitable for use in limited distillery buildings.

Overall, the continuous column distiller has become one of the important equipment in the modern brewing industry due to its high efficiency, refining and automation.

| Structure 

•Copper pot

•Swan neck

•Lyne arm


•Alcohol collection tank

| Customer References

| Packaging & Shipping

All Copper Distillation Column still  are packed on steel saddle, and wrapped by crashproof blanket, loaded in containers or flat rack and braced by steel strips, to make sure the tanks would be shipped to the clients in the most perfect condition.


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