Distilling Pot Distillation Equipment
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Distilling Pot Distillation Equipment

Pretank can design and produce Pot Still Distillation Equipment from 200L to 3000L, made from SUS304 or SUS316L material and copper.
  • STL-Pot-C&S

  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L or Copper

  • 200L to 3000L, can be customized


| Description of Distilling Pot

Introducing our remarkable "Pretank" - also recognized as the batch distiller, a classic and traditional apparatus meticulously designed for the artistry of crafting premium Whisky or Brandy. This double-pot style is highly sought after, with the mash still capturing 20%-25% low wine from 5%-15% ABV, while the rectified pot efficiently secures 68%-70% ABV for the final product. Meticulously hand-hammered from curved and red copper, the pot imparts a unique and delectable flavor profile, eliminating any undesirable tastes. The Swan neck, Lyne pipe, and condenser collaborate seamlessly to ensure optimal quality, efficiently refluxing vapor and cooling down the hot vapor for a superior distillation experience.

| Features

  1. Our Distillation Equipment with distilling pot design features a distinctive curved shape meticulously hand-hammered to enhance surface area, ensuring optimal purity and flavor.

  2. Despite their compact size, these units are equipped with essential components such as a pot, onion, and condenser.

  3. With a space-efficient footprint, they are user-friendly and can be conveniently placed directly on a heat source for mash generation.

  4. Utilizing a straightforward siphon or pump, water is directed to cool vapors, allowing you to collect the resulting liquid from the outlet end.

| Structure of equipment

•Copper pot

•Swan neck

•Lyne arm


•Alcohol collection tank

Paremeter Chart

Model no. working volume:L Exteral dimension:mm Material
Stl-Pt-200/350 200/350 4200x1400x2600 Copper C12200& SUS304
Stl-Pt-300/600 300/600 4400x1600x2900 Copper C12200& SUS304
Stl-Pt-600/1000 600/1000 6500x2000x5000 Copper C12200& SUS304
Stl-Pt-1000/1800 1000/1800 8000x2200x6000 Copper C12200& SUS304
Stl-Pt-2000/3500 2000/3500 9500x2600x6000 Copper C12200& SUS304
Stl-Pt-3000/5000 3000/5000 11200x3100x7500 Copper C12200& SUS304

Customer References


With Pretank's tailored services, master distillers can customize the swan neck type and Lyne pipe angle to achieve the perfect reflux and reach their desired results. Randa - the ultimate choice for discerning connoisseurs who appreciate the finer things in life.

Packaging & Shipping

Our distilling pot equipment undergoes meticulous packaging for secure transport. Each unit is securely placed on steel saddles, enveloped in a crashproof blanket, and carefully loaded into containers or flat racks. Steel strips are strategically braced to ensure that the tanks reach our clients in impeccable condition.


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