Plate Heat Exchanger for Milk Pasteurization
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Plate Heat Exchanger for Milk Pasteurization

Our Plate Heat Exchanger stands as the ideal solution for milk pasteurization, ensuring precision and efficiency in the dairy industry. This innovative system excels in optimizing the pasteurization process for milk with its specialized plate design.
  • HEX-Gsk

  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L,Nickel Alloy,titanium,graphite etc

  • 5㎡ to 300 ㎡


| Production description

Dairy and dairy products require regular heat exchanger CIP. Dairies that invest in hydraulic frame heat exchangers are better able to optimize their processes and reduce downtime. These frames allow dairies to turn on heat exchangers at the push of a button, reducing the time and effort required for maintenance.

The plates in your dairy heat exchanger are vital to getting your product to the correct temperature - so ensuring there are no leaks or cross-contamination is vital to your production process.

Best of all, we can test any model unit of any size. If you need new plates, pretank plates can be installed into select competitor heat exchangers and can withstand a variety of set points or viscosities, including those required for cheese, yogurt, ice cream, whey and permeate point or viscosity.

Building custom heat exchangers for dairy plants

pretank works with many dairies to help them optimize their pasteurization processes.

| Production structure

What to expect with a pretank heat exchanger?

Pretank's heat exchangers are designed to ensure heat transfer is consistent and as efficient as possible. We design equipment to not only meet your product's specified temperatures, but also to meet your expectations and reduce downtime.

For example, if you need your heat exchanger to run for 20 hours and want to allow 4 hours for cleaning, we can design your unit to make this a reality. No matter what you want to produce, or how you want to optimize your production line, we can pay attention to the details to make it possible.

Not only do we design and build heat exchangers, we also ensure that your equipment operates at optimal levels. Whether you're replacing a product, or you're expanding and need a completely new heat exchanger, we can help.

| Production advantages

Unilab Heat Transfer Suite Design Software

3D Image Of Working System

Optimal Heat Transfer: Our state-of-the-art heat exchanger technology ensures highly efficient heat transfer while maintaining complete separation between the boiler and process circuits. This critical feature eliminates any risk of product mixing, making it the perfect choice for applications where separation is of utmost importance.

Durable Construction: Our Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger is carefully engineered to deliver durability and dependability. Its compact design, coupled with exceptional efficiency, is specifically tailored to meet your unique needs, providing a cost-effective solution that stands the test of time.

| Production display

Explore our stainless steel plate heat exchangers, offering a versatile capacity range from 5 to 1200KW, all customizable to meet your precise specifications. To receive detailed information, kindly submit your Request for Quotation (RFQ). 

In addition, our product lineup extends beyond plate heat exchangers, encompassing shell and tube heat exchangers, reactors, hot water tanks, dissolving tanks, alkali tanks, vacuum buffer tanks, and CIP (Clean-in-Place) systems. If you have specific requirements for any of these products, please don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

| Certificate

Over  100 patents including utility,invrention and industrial design.
Pass through ISO certificates of  ISO90012200045001, and other export certificates of  CEPEDAPI650AS1210AS1692CSA.


| Processing Machinery

Pretank employs cutting-edge manufacturing technology to craft our stainless steel tanks. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature automated processes such as auto Robotic welding machines, laser cutting/welding machines, CNC lathes, plasma cutting, and automatic welding machines.

These advanced machines not only eliminate manual labor but also significantly reduce the likelihood of human errors and defects in the tanks. By leveraging automation, we enhance the overall quality of our tanks and streamline the construction process. This not only ensures a higher standard of craftsmanship but also accelerates the construction timeline, offering efficient and top-notch solutions to our clients.

Processing Machinery

| About Company

Pretank is established in 1971, it's the largest-scale and longest-history stainless steel vessels manufacturer in China,with 4000 staff, 666,000 m㎡ floor space and US$240 million annual sales. We have the most advanced technology, R&D capability in the industry,adopt solidworks and AutoCAD to design vessels, Engaged in formulation of National Standard in designing, producing, inspection and transportation.

About us53-Year History in Tank Fabrication

Prettech stainless steel tanks already used in 40 classifications,gather rich experiences and precipitate skills in varied industries,win 100,000 client’s trust

Guarantee Quality

- Ensure no leaks no rust, easy cleaning.
- All tanks are over engineered and heavy-duty made, lengthen tank service life.
- Stainless steel tanks produced by automatic and laser machines, reduce labor fault.
- Each tank is strictly tested and inspected before delivery.
- We pass through ISO certificates CE, PED, API650, AS1210, AS1692, CSA, supply 2-year warranty.

Competitive Price

Scale production and automatic machines reduce cost, Pretank always perseus the most reasonable price policy to share the profits with our consumers and distributors. With same quality our price are more strong competitive.

Customize Service Free of Charge
Our bespoke tanks are tailor-made for each project, considering material, strength calculations, dimensions, fittings, and ports.We listen carefully to your needs and provide humane designs.

Lifetime Engineering Service

At pretank family, you will get lifetime engineering service! Installation service on your site, making all the AutoCAD drawings for you, completely free parts replacement in the warranty date, low cost parts supplied out of the warranty, technology support door to door, lifetime consult support.

6. Can you produce according to my requirements or drawings?

A: Yes,we can. Actually we always custimze for our customers and each project will have a special drawing. The customize point can be material, dimension, accessories as well as orientation and so on.

7.How will you pack your goods?

A:In order to avoid the product is scratched,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.And we will use the wooden box has been fumigated and reinforce our goods to avoid damage during transportation.

| Comment&FAQ

1.What material do you do for plates?

A: We can provide a variety of materials,including Stainless Steel 304/316,titanium,graphite etc.And we give you a best solution based on the characteristics of the liquid in the shell side and tube side.

2. We did not know how to do the import, could you help us to deliver the goods to our door?

A:Of course! We can do DDU or DAP terms. We can take care of the whole process from our factory to your door and you only need to make the unloading work within the specified time.

3. Is your tanks can be used locally?

A: Yes,we are 100% sure that it can be used locally. The voltage is in accordance with local regulations and the spare parts can be easily replaced locally. And our tanks can be designed according to local standards if you required.

4. What should I do if there are quality problems?

A: We have a perfect quality control system to ensure there is no quality problem before dispatch. But in case there do have quality problem after arrival, we also have a rapid response and processing mechanism and reply in first time as we are 7 * 24 hours standby. Local repair as well as cargo replacement is supported to solve the problem.

5. Can we pay in RMB or EUR?

A: Of course.Except for payment in US dollars,we can accept payment in other currencies,such as RMB, EUR, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, JPY which can help our customers to reduce exchange losses and simplify the payment procedures.


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