Square Open Top IBC Tank
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Square Open Top IBC Tank

Pretank's square open-top IBC tanks are fabricated from premium SUS304 or SUS316L materials, boasting superior durability and longevity compared to alternative container materials, thereby ensuring a prolonged lifespan.
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  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L


| Product Description

Pretank's square open top ibc tanks are finished with a polished and pickled surface treatment, ensuring a smooth and burr-free appearance.

The innovative, open-top ibc tank boasts a sleek, square design tailored to optimize space in contemporary cellars. Its rectangular profile allows for seamless integration into the winery layout, providing more efficient storage than traditional circular fermentation tanks. The vertical cooling jacket design ensures that the contents remain consistently cooled and insulated, even when the tank is not at maximum capacity.

Benefits of Stainless Steel IBC Totes Over Traditional Plastic Totes:

Stainless steel open top ibc tanks offer clear benefits compared to plastic IBC containers, including protection against UV rays, resistance to aging and static, ability to withstand high temperatures, cleanliness, hygiene, and durability. These totes can store a wide range of chemicals for extended periods, providing a cost-effective solution with quick recovery, as confirmed by some of our satisfied customers.

Intermediate bulk containers made of stainless steel, commonly referred to as totes or barrels, have a broad range of applications, including the storage and transportation of potable liquids, chemicals, lubricants, industrial waste, and paint materials.

| Technical Parameter for standardized totes

Item/Volume 500L 1000L 1500L
Inner Container Material SUS304/SUS316L SUS304 SUS304
Brimful capacity 550L 1060L 1550L
Nominal capacity 500L 1000L 1500L
Length 1000mm 1200mm 1200mm
Width 650mm 1000mm 1000mm
Discharging port dia. DN50 Valve DN50 Valve DN50 Valve
Exhaust port dia. With valve 150mm 150mm 150mm
Filling density max. 1.9g/cm3 1.9g/cm3 1.9g/cm3
Notice Plates 1PC 1PC 1PC

Our inventory is stocked with a range of standard products available throughout the year. We offer a variety of capacities, typically spanning from 500L to 3000L, crafted from durable SS304 material to ensure prompt shipment. Additionally, we provide a convenient solution by handling export formalities and transportation arrangements to deliver products directly to your preferred port or destination.

Furthermore, Pretank can customize dimentions, volumes, the quantity & size of nozzles, with or without jacket, with or without insulation, number and size of nozzles, mirror-polished inner surface, customization of SS316L material, tank thickness, and selection of sealing ring material based on the specific substances. The customization process typically takes 2-3 weeks. For inquiries regarding different capacities or heat exchange needs, customers are encouraged to explore alternative square open top ibc tank styles or contact us directly via phone 

+86-15295029678 or email at info@prettech.cn

| Certificates

UN ,CCSC and IECEX Certificated

Product Features

1.Open top stainless steel tanks offer exceptional resistance to pressure, wear, and weather conditions, providing a long lifespan that significantly lowers operational costs for businesses.

2.They shield stored items from external impacts, pressure fluctuations, temperature changes, and direct radiation.

3.The sloped bottom design prevents residue buildup and ensures complete discharge of the tank's contents.

4.These tanks can be cleaned at high temperatures and pressures, maintaining cleanliness for extended use.

5.With a stable structure and long-lasting durability, these tanks are suitable for repeated use.

| Quality Control

All our Stainless Steel  IBC  will undergo the following tests before leaving the factory:

1. External Examination: - Check for any visible dents, scratches, or signs of damage on the exterior. - Inspect the frame and support structure for integrity.

2. Valves and Fittings: - Examine valves, gaskets, and fittings for leaks or damage. - Ensure valves operate smoothly and are securely fastened.

3. Gaskets and Seals: - Check gaskets and seals for wear or deterioration. - Replace any damaged or compromised seals.

4. Interior Inspection: - Clean the interior to ensure no residue or contaminants are present. - Use a flashlight to inspect the interior for rust, corrosion, or any signs of damage.

5. Lid and Closure: - Check the lid or closure for proper sealing. - Ensure the locking mechanism is functional and secure.

6. Pressure Testing (if applicable): - Perform a pressure test if specified by the manufacturer or regulations. - Verify that the pressure relief system is working correctly. Always follow safety guidelines and refer to the manufacturer's instructions for a comprehensive inspection process.

7. Leak testing: Before delivery, each tank should be tested with water to ensure there is no leakage.

8. High altitude drop test: Regularly conduct sampling and high-altitude drop tests,Ensure product quality.

Can't find the Ideal Square Open Top IBC Tank? 

- Let's custom it!

Talk to our engineers and describe your requirements. 

We will design a custom solution perfect for your processing needs.

Describing your needs as best,  you can using the following form. 

Our staff will contact you with helpful suggestions and proposals.


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Provide stainless steel tanks solutions for liquid processing of STORAGE,FERMENTING, HEATING,CHILLING, BLENDING, DISTILLING, MASHING AND BOILING.




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