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The South Australian government launches a $1.85 million support plan to promote Australia-China wine trade cooperation

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Speaking of the recent Australia-China trade field

What is the most talked about topic?

That must be good news for "China's elimination of wine import tariffs on Australia"

On March 28, the Ministry of Commerce of China issued an announcement stating that in view of changes in China’s relevant wine market conditions, it is no longer necessary to impose anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on imported wine originating from Australia; and officially announced that from March 29, 2024 From now on, the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imported wine originating in Australia will be terminated. After the anti-dumping duties are terminated, no countervailing duties will be levied.

As Australia’s “Wine State” which produces 80% of Australia’s high-end wines, South Australia welcomes this decision. China is South Australia's largest trading partner and was once South Australia's primary wine export market - data shows that in October 2020, the value of South Australia's wine exports to China exceeded AU$940 million, accounting for 10% of South Australia's overall global wine exports. The ratio is as high as 47.2%. The decision to cancel wine import tariffs will promote the restoration of free trade in the wine field between the two places and attract a number of high-quality wine brands from South Australia to re-enter the Chinese market.

The Honorable Peter Malinauskas MP, Premier of South Australia, said:

Federal and state governments have been actively advocating for the removal of trade barriers to Australian wine and engaging in direct dialogue with key decision-makers in China. I visited China in September 2023. This trip, the first visit by a South Australian governor to China since 2019, showed me that the Chinese market still has strong demand for high-quality South Australian wine. This is a decision that is expected to bring benefits to the people of both countries.

Following the Governor of South Australia’s visit to China in September last year,

The South Australian government also promotes wine-related cooperation between the two places.

What “big steps” have you taken?

In the future, it will be a new journey for local wine companies to go overseas.

What “big measures” will it bring?

Come take a peek with us now!

High-level visits + promotion activities

Sparing no effort to promote cooperation.


September 2023, Governor of South AustraliaMeeting with Guo Tingting, Vice Minister of Commerce of China.


September 2023,The Governor of South Australia met cordially with Chen Ping, Vice Governor of Shandong Province.


November 2023, Prime Minister of Australia with the Australian Minister for Trade and Tourism Visit the South Australia booth at the CIIE.


March 2024,South Australia Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Meeting with Fan Bo, Vice Governor of Shandong Province.


March 2024,Taste South Australia 2024 - Wine, Food Promotion and Business Matchmaking Conference (Guangzhou Station)


In March 2024, meet South Australia - South Australia Wine Summit Forum.

The South Australian government has been sparing no effort to bring the mellow and unique "South Australian flavor" to the Chinese market, and is committed to fully preparing for the "return" of South Australian wine.

From the South Australian governor’s visit to China with a business and education delegation in September last year, to nearly 30 South Australian companies organizing a delegation to participate in the CIIE in November, to the South Australian Minister of Primary Industries and Regional Development leading more than 30 companies in March this year Representatives of the "relay" - a series of high-level exchanges, product promotions, business docking, VIP tastings and master classes and other government and business activities, all conducted on South Australia's wine, food and agricultural products with both quality and reputation In-depth promotion has also established an excellent platform for both parties to discuss cooperation in related fields.

1.85 million Australian dollars support plan to give full power to promote exports

With the official announcement that "China will cancel all import tariffs on wines from Australia", the South Australian government also recently announced a "China Re-Engagement Support Package" worth up to 1.85 million Australian dollars!

This program, initiated by the South Australian Department of Trade and Investment and in partnership with the South Australian Wine Industry Association and the South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, is committed to helping local wine exporters and grape growers in South Australia gain market insights and improve their export capabilities. , will also help South Australia regain its role as a "market leader" and provide support for the stability of broader Australia-China trade and economic relations.

During the two-year period until June 2026, the plan will "empower" the return of South Australian wine to the Chinese market in the following aspects:

Exporter Capacity Building(China Market Insight Seminar)

Help the South Australian wine industry gain insights into a range of important information about the current Chinese wine market, including economic outlook, consumer trends and preferences, e-commerce, cultural awareness, market access and legal considerations.

From January to February this year, the South Australian Department of Trade and Investment joined hands with the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) and the South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (PIRSA) to hold a "... China Market Insight Seminar”. At the seminar, experts from marketing, legal consulting, international trade and other fields shared professional insights on the above important dimensions, making nearly 200 South Australian wine companies come home with a full load.

Two-way market activation and market integration

The South Australian Government will provide support to the South Australian wine industry by organizing trade missions to attend key industry events in China, such as the China Food and Drinks Fair (CFDF), VinExpo Asia, and China Import Expo (CIIE) wait.

Trade mission related activities include:

trade shows;

Business docking;

product launches and masterclasses;

industry conferences and field trips;

Market information and insight meetings, etc.

At the same time, the South Australian government will also organize a trade inspection delegation and invite China's leading wine importers to visit the South Australian wine producing areas to meet and communicate with local wine producers.

Technical cooperation

Technical cooperation

China and South Australia have a long history of technical, scientific and research exchanges in the wine sector. In the future, we will also actively carry out activities to deepen cooperation in relevant aspects, bring practical benefits to the industries of the two places and establish trust and friendly relations.

Marketing promotion support

Through a series of multi-channel promotional activities showcasing South Australia's world-class wines, we will establish and reshape the brand image of South Australia wines in the Chinese wine industry and high-end consumer groups, and increase the awareness of South Australia wines.

In addition, the South Australian government's China team will also be equipped with professionals dedicated to supporting wine business to provide more assistance to South Australian wine companies in the development of the Chinese market.

Prettech as a supplier of wine equipment,we look forward to Australian wine re-entering the Chinese market and opening a new long "wine" chapter of win-win cooperation!

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