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What are the benefits of stainless steel tapered conical wine fermenter?

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Stainless steel tapered conical wine fermenter are becoming increasingly popular with winemakers and wine makers due to their many advantages and benefits. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of tapered fermenters.Whether you are an experienced winemaker or a beginner in the field of fermentation, there is something to learn.

What is a tapered conical wine fermenter?

Tapered fermenters are named for their conical shape, which is narrow at the top, wide at the bottom, and has trapezoidal sides, and are used for the fermentation of both red and white wines.

tapered conical wine fermenter

The basic structure of a tapered fermenter

Tapered conical wine fermenters are usually made up of several key components. These components include

- Cone-shape shell:cone-shaped tank body delays the raising of lees and enables a more efficient cap submerging and breaking; 

- Pump-over system:By using a pump, the juice is gently circulated from the bottom of the tank to the top, effectively submerging the grape pomace and extracting maximum flavor and color.

- Rectangular manhole at side:It is convenient for discharging and cleaning the remaining grape skins, seeds and other sediments after the fermentation is completed.

- Cooling jacket:Precise temperature control

- Slope bottom
- Glycol inlet&outlet

- Filter grid

- Leveling indicator

- Sample valve

- Lifting lugs

- Conical top

- Top round manhole

- Thermometer

- Breathing valve

- Drainage outlet

The tapered design with a wide bottom and narrow top delays the rise of the lees, making the immersion and crushing of the wine cap more effective, strengthening the maceration, and thus facilitating the extraction of color and phenolic compounds.

In addition, the tapered shape increases the contact area between the tank wall and the grape juice, the cooling area is larger, and the temperature is better controlled.

Advantages of using tapered conical fermenters

Enhanced flavor and aroma

The conical shape is more conducive to the maceration of the grape skin caps, which is beneficial for the extraction of tannins and color.

Precise temperature control

The conical shape is thermally inert. The conical design allows the tank wall to have a larger contact area with the grape juice, resulting in a larger cooling area. The tank wall is equipped with a corrugated board jacket, which allows for precise temperature control, allowing winemakers and enologists to maintain optimal fermentation conditions.

Additionally, conical fermenters are often equipped with built-in sampling ports, making it easy to monitor fermentation progress without disturbing the vessel contents. These additional features help improve the overall efficiency and quality of the brewing and winemaking process.


Whether youre a professional winemaker or a passionate homebrewer, investing in a tapered conical fermenter can take your brewing craft to new heights. The enhanced flavor and aroma a conical fermenter helps provide, as well as its ease of cleaning and maintenance, makes it a valuable tool in the pursuit of brewing perfection.


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