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Whiskey Project-Australia-Melbourne

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Project summary:

Whiskey fermentation tanks, storage tanks, and platform projects

Customer Information:

The XXXX is crafted from 100% Australian unmalted rye grown and bred by a farmer in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia. It is Australia's only professional rye whiskey distillery.

In order to expand and adapt to the growing needs of the business, The XXXXX purchased 4 pcs 1500L and 2 pcs 3000L spirits storage tanks from Pretank as a trial order in 2021. The customer was very satisfied after receiving these trial orders. Relying on Pretank's reputation in Australia, the quality of our products, and the service of the team, The XXXXX will hand over the main equipment of the project to Pretank to design and produce in 2022, including glycol tanks, ice water tanks, and fermentation tanks. Storage tanks, mixing storage tanks, mixing and insulated storage tanks, large spirits storage tanks, distillation columns, platform ladders, pipelines, pumps, chillers, etc.

Challenges and Solutions:

In line with the purpose of solving customer needs, we customized the design of the tanks according to the site conditions of the distillery and the needs of The XXXXX, and confirmed it multiple times to ensure that the solution is the most suitable. During the design process, taking into account the particularity of spirits, the motor was made explosion-proof, and the design of the tanks complied with AS1692 standards.

Before production, detailed drawings were provided for customer approval, and production began only after customer confirmation.

During the production process, we kept the production schedule updated with the customer, so that the customer know better about the progress.

After production was completed, we updated the finished photos to customer, and provided loading plans & freight charges for customer to choose.

We shipped the goods in batches according to the customer's on-site arrangements, and the remaining equipment was stored for free charge. Our tanks were wrapped by blanket/film, packed on craddle/pallet, packing material non-recyclable to ensure the safety of packaging during delivery. When the tanks were about to arrive at the customer's port, we reminded the customer of the arrival time, asked the customer to prepare to receive the tanks, and provided unloading instructions. Installation instructions will be provided after the equipment arrived at the customer's site.

Case pictures:

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Client feedback:

Pretank's equipment and services have been well received by The XXXXX, and it has become an agent for Pretank's products in the spirits industry, introducing customers to Pretank.

PRT’s stainless steel vessels are over engineered and heavy duty constructed,they have 40 products types and these products are used in 40 industry categories,the main categories as below:

Food& Beverage, alcoholic beverage wine,beer&spirits and non-alcohol beverage juice&tea. 

Chemicals& Daily chemicals (shampoo,soap,detergent). 

Agricultural product deep processing, such as corn starch, isolated soy protein, flavorings. 

X Pharmaceuticals and biological products. 

X Environment protection, such as water treatment. 

X Flavorings, such as vinegar, soy sauce.

X Low-pressure vessel, paper making equipment. 

X Plant oil&animal Fats.

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