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Wine To Asia 2024

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From May 9th to 11th, the second Wine to Asia Shenzhen International Wine and Spirits Exhibition will be grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, located in Halls 3&4 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It is waiting for you to come and drink good wine together!

wine to asia 3

The second Wine to Asia Shenzhen International Wine and Spirits Exhibition is jointly organized by the Italian Verona Exhibition Group and Shenzhen Baigao Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. The three-day Wine to Asia 2024 will usher in the debut of high-quality wineries and brands from 30+ countries, as well as a number of exciting professional activities. The exhibition unites major participants and influencers in various fields and chains of wine, spirits and related industries to create a series of diverse, in-depth and high-quality online and offline activities.


Adhering to the purpose of business exchanges and active innovation, Wine to Asia 2024 brings together talented domestic and foreign winemakers, international wine associations and boutique brands to set up a series of master classes and tasting activities. The specially planned special exhibition areas of the exhibition will also Improve the exhibition experience in all aspects. Wine to Asia will be held at the Futian Convention and Exhibition Center in the center of Shenzhen. This year it will usher in the first joint appearance of important partners of the New World wine regions: the California Wine Association and the Argentine Wine Association.

Exhibition time:

May 9 10:00-18:00

May 10 10:00-18:00

May 11th 10:00-16:00

Wine to Asia 2024

Special exhibition area planning

1) Living Wine natural wine exhibition area

Natural wine player LINEUP! The Living Wine natural wine exhibition area will be fully upgraded in 2024 and will bring together 32 industry leaders focusing on natural wine, including wineries and importers. What is Living Wine? I believe everyone is already familiar with Living Wine. As one of the first promoters of the domestic natural wine trend, Wine to Asia Shenzhen International Wine Exhibition pioneered the Living Wine natural wine area. The design concept of the exhibition area originated from the concept of "wood" in wine, just like every grapevine has its own Uniqueness, connecting the soil and the grapes, this will be a unique space that makes people feel "endless".

There is a group of super cool managers here, and a series of niche natural wines from China, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, New Zealand, Austria, Chile, Georgia, Spain, Germany and other production areas can be found here. Taste it all at once here.

Wine to Asia 2024 2
2) YGCW China’s New Power Brewers Alliance

If you love wine, you must have noticed that in recent years, with the "national trend", more and more interesting Chinese wines have appeared, which are full of surprises in terms of quality and creativity. Yes, this is all thanks to a group of young, energetic, adventurous, and passionate winemakers and winery owners. They are the powerful promoters of the development of Chinese wine!

At last year’s Wine to Asia exhibition, we witnessed a Chinese independent winemakers area created by a team of nine Chinese winemakers – “YGC Chinese Winemakers”. And this year, their team will be even stronger! Nineteen charming and unique "Young Generation China Wine" brands will once again make their debut and ignite the Wine to Asia exhibition!
YGCW China’s New Power Brewers Alliance3) Galleria Hunter · Wine to Asia limited-time bar

Of course, the drinking life of young people is indispensable for all kinds of interesting, flavorful and feeling cocktails. Wine to Asia 2024 has collaborated with many top teams and brands in the bar industry to open bars at the exhibition!
Galleria Hunter has specially invited today’s trendiest and most popular bar managers to create concept bars - Tommy Wong (Shenzhen Hope & Sesame, Changsha CMYK Bar), Raphael Holzer (Fernet Hunter) and Vivienne Sha (Maison Ferrand). They will be in Wine to Asia showcases some of the best independent spirits, liqueurs, vermouths and cocktail brands in the Chinese market. A limited-time special cocktail menu will be brought to the site, and you can get up close and personal with how master mixologists perfectly blend these excellent base liquors.

During the three-day exhibition, there will also be a wonderful wine-themed pop-up event exclusively planned by Grape Wall of China, the strategic partner of Wine to Asia, to celebrate this year’s World Marselan Day.


50+ exciting exhibition activities

Wine to Asia 2024 3

The three-day exhibition will feature a series of master classes and forum lectures. This year's two specially invited opening master classes will be led by Gao Yuan, the owner and winemaker of Silver Highlands, and Andrea Lonardi MW, an Italian wine master who is visiting China for the first time. It is worth mentioning that Andrea Lonardi MW will lead the Italian pavilion composed of 50 exhibitors officially organized by the Italian Foreign Trade Commission.

This exhibition will usher in a blockbuster master class at the international level: three wine masters Cassdiy Dart MW, Andrea Lonardi MW, Julien Boulard MW and the only Chinese master sommelier Lu Yang MS will jointly present A master class on the subject of clay pots. On the first day of the exhibition on May 9, Olive Media's "Sommelier Pictorial" will hold the "Win in the Greater Bay Area: Wine Dealers Forum" for the first time, focusing on the booming business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.

At the same time, there is also a bold and innovative area in Wine to Asia - POP-UP TALK: Compared with the traditional master class format, the atmosphere here is more relaxed and focuses more accurately on communication and interaction within the industry. Breaking the rules here, it is no longer just a one-way knowledge output, but a two-way discussion and collision of ideas.
Wine to Asia 2024 will feature exhibitors from 30+ participating countries. New elements include the Georgian pavilion led by LEPL National Wine Agency, the Serbian pavilion led by Wine Vision by Open Balkan, Australia, Switzerland, China Eurasian Business Council and Canada . Zhu Lili, the famous self-media opinion leader from the young winery, will host a special national wine area, presenting more than 100 wines from 40 wineries across China. The exclusive Wine to Asia Champagne Lounge will also debut for the first time, joining hands with several boutique importers to bring more than 10 fine Champagne wines. The World Marselan Day event launched by Grape Wall will also be held at this Wine to Asia after its success in Beijing and Shanghai.

Wine to Asia's innovative planning and content output are by no means limited to wine: it collaborated with China's leading whiskey and spirits exhibition Hey Whiskey to create a spirits area, and collaborated with top teams and brands in the bar industry to open a limited-time bar Galleria Hunter at the exhibition. CBC Liquor Office, which first introduced the theme of Chinese liquor at the Vinitaly exhibition in Italy in April this year, will return to Wine to Asia again to bring liquor-themed master classes and tasting activities.
The national elements of this exhibition will cover all wine-producing continents: South America is led by the Consulate of Uruguay in Guangzhou, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. The all-star lineup will surely become one of the highlights of the exhibition. The South African Wine Association, France, Spain, Greece and Slovenia pavilions will once again become the backbone of Wine to Asia. The well-received Living Wine natural wine area of the last exhibition will welcome 32 exhibitors, and the number of exhibitors from the China New Power Winemaker Alliance will double that of last year.
The second Wine to Asia Greater Bay Area Wine Week has officially started, lasting 11 days from May 1 to 11, 2024! At the same time as Wine to Asia 2024 (exhibition date May 9-11), a scale-upgraded nine-city linkage in the Bay Area (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan) will be launched.

Wine to Asia joins hands with the most cutting-edge wine trend representatives in the Greater Bay Area - wine bars, well-known food landmarks in the city, etc., through a variety of drinking scenes and unique food combinations to promote wine lovers and consumers, wine Multi-dimensional communication and connection among industry professionals, and enjoy a special food and wine journey!

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