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Winery Design and Construction

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If you are considering constructing a new winery or upgrading your current one, it is advisable to seek guidance from professionals specializing in winery design and construction. Making informed choices at the outset can prevent errors, discontent, and extra expenses that are common when embarking such a project without proper planning.

Each new business must be integrated harmoniously with the cultural and natural elements of the local area, respecting its traditions and landscape. Building must adhere to both technical and environmental regulations at the national and local levels.

The winery needs separate areas for grape processing, fermentation, and wine. It is essential to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity levels, avoid direct sunlight exposure in storage areas, and ensure proper lighting and ventilation throughout the facility. Proper waste water disposal must be in compliance with regulations. Seek guidance from your architect for construction and mechanical/electrical installations. Our team can provide advice and assist in selecting suitable equipment for your new winery.

What do you have to bear in mind while purchasing wine tanks and other winery equipment?


To determine your winery's equipment needs, consider the following: What volume and variety of grapes will you be working with, and what type of wine will you be producing? Calculate your storage requirements, including the total capacity and number of tanks needed, leaving room for future expansion. Assess your winery's spatial constraints, including ceiling height, to determine the most suitable tank shape and size. You may want to consider stainless steel tanks, which offer versatility, ease of maintenance, and efficient temperature control. Additionally, think about whether you'll need fermenters or specialized tanks for sparkling wine production.


When setting up a winery with high ceilings, multiple levels, or tanks of different heights, it is important to ensure there are safe passages between these areas and easy access to all workstations. Many customers opt for stainless steel staircases and platforms due to their durability in moist conditions and low maintenance requirements. These structures should adhere to steel design standards, with perforated walking surfaces to prevent slipping and the accumulation of water and debris. For additional details on platforms and staircases, please visit the provided link.

Click here for more information on platforms and staircases.

Stainless steel platform

stainless steel spiral staircase


Maintaining impeccable cleanliness is crucial for any food-related business, and wineries are no exception. To ensure a sanitary environment, the grape processing area must be designed to facilitate easy cleaning and upkeep, while also promoting a clean and organized workflow.

Regular upkeep of floors and walls is vital in wineries to prevent the buildup of dirt, moisture, and mold. Floors should be constructed from materials that are resistant to absorption, easy to clean, and free of sharp edges where they meet the walls. Additionally, they should be sloped to allow for proper drainage, with channels in place to prevent water from collecting on the surface.

A well-regulated environment is crucial for a winery, requiring either natural or mechanical ventilation to maintain a consistent atmosphere. The ideal conditions involve a cool, humid, and dimly lit space, with the removal of carbon dioxide.

In addition to the above factors, the construction of a winery also needs to consider the visitor experience, mainly the following two aspects

1)Tasting Rooms and Hospitality

Ambiance: Create an inviting atmosphere that complements the winery’s style and enhances the tasting experience.

Functionality: Ensure tasting rooms are equipped for serving wine, with appropriate storage, serving counters, and seating.

Additional Facilities: Consider adding kitchens for food pairings, restrooms, and spaces for events or education.

2)Landscaping and Grounds

Vineyards: Plan vineyard layouts for aesthetic appeal and operational efficiency.

Gardens and Pathways: Enhance the visitor experience with landscaped gardens, walking paths, and outdoor seating areas.

Do you need guidance?

Please contact Pretank, and we'll be delighted to assist you in designing your winery's layout and selecting tanks that will help you achieve the perfect environment for producing exceptional wine.

Our portfolio of successfully completed projects serves as testament to our expertise and ability to overcome even the most complex challenges.

Here are the benefits Pretank offer:

By utilizing a unified database through software, we minimize the risk of human mistakes, maintain meticulous documentation, and ensure seamless tracking of materials and production processes.

Our state-of-the-art automated production capabilities, including laser cutting and welding, further enhance efficiency.

Processing Machinery 

Our extensive experience in demanding industries such as food, chemial industry enables us to apply cutting-edge technology to craft high-quality winemaking equipment.

Additionally, our website provides customers with secure access to their orders and offers, featuring detailed information, real-time status updates, technical specifications, drawings.Contant us Now!

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