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This month we released new product IBC tank.

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IBC medium bulk container is a modern warehousing, transportation of liquid products, the necessary tools. The container barrel inner container and galvanized steel framework combination, the content of high molecular weight high density polyethylene blow molding, high strength, corrosion resistance, good health. IBCs are cube-shaped and this cube-shaped engineering contributes to the packaging, stacking, storing, shipping, and overall space efficiency of intermediate bulk containers. Rigid IBC totes feature integrated pallet bases with dimensions that are generally near the common pallet standard dimension of 1,200 mm × 1,000 mm or 48 in × 42 in (1,219 mm × 1,067 mm). IBC container’s pallet base is designed for universal maneuverability via forklift/pallet jack channels. Almost all rigid IBCs are designed so they can be stacked vertically one atop the other using a forklift. Most have a built-in tap (valve, spigot, or faucet) at the base of the container to which hoses can be attached, or through which the contents can be poured into smaller containers.

IBC tanks are often used to ship, handle, store:

1.Bulk chemicals including hazardous materials or dangerous goods

2.Commodities and raw materials used in industrial production

3.Liquid, granulated, and powdered food ingredients

4.Food syrups, such as corn syrup, maple syrup or molasses

5.Petrochemical products, such as oil, gas, solvents, detergents, or adhesives


7.Used IBC tanks are the basic building blocks for many home aquaponic systems

8.Paints and industrial coatings

IBC tank

Its Advantages as below:

1.Being cubic in form, they can transport more material in the same footprint compared to cylindrical-shaped containers, and far more than might be shipped in the same space compared to packaging in consumer quantities.

2.Composite IBCs rely on plastic liners that can be filled and discharged with a variety of systems.

3.The manufacturer/processor of a product can bulk package a product in one country and ship to many other countries at a reasonably low cost where it is subsequently packaged in final consumer form in accordance with the regulations of that country and in a form and language suitable for that country.

4.High organization, mobility, integration capabilities.

5.Increase logistic and handling timelines, efficiencies, and capacity through single container filling, moving, loading, transit, and dispensing.

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