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Prettech crystallizing tank

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Cooling crystallizers are devices used to separate and recover crystals from a solution by lowering its temperature, causing solute to become supersaturated and subsequently form crystals. They are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and biotechnology industries. Here are the main aspects and features of cooling crystallizers:

1.Basic Principle

By cooling the solution, the solubility of the solute decreases, creating a supersaturated state, leading to the formation of crystals.


Cooling crystallizers come in various types, including direct cooling, indirect cooling, and air-cooling.
Indirect cooling typically uses heat exchangers or cooling coils, while direct cooling might involve introducing cold air into the solution.


Cooling crystallizers are widely used in chemical industries (e.g., for producing chemicals, salts, and minerals), pharmaceuticals (e.g., for producing drugs and biologics), food processing, and biotechnology.


Cooling crystallizers offer high energy efficiency, can handle large volumes of solution, and are relatively simple to operate.
They can produce high-purity crystals, suitable for large-scale production processes.

5.Design Considerations

Cooling rate: Controlling the cooling rate is crucial, as too fast cooling might lead to small crystals, while too slow cooling could result in insufficient crystallization.
Agitation: Proper agitation promotes uniform crystal growth and prevents settling at the bottom of the crystallizer.
Temperature control: Temperature should be maintained within a suitable range to ensure crystal quality.
Supersaturation: It's important to manage the supersaturation level to ensure proper crystallization occurs.

6.Example Applications
In the chemical industry, used to produce sodium sulfate, potassium nitrate, sodium chloride, etc.
In the pharmaceutical industry, used to manufacture antibiotics, hormones, and other medications.
In food processing, used for preparing sugars, salt, and dairy products.
Cooling crystallizers play a crucial role in industrial production. By controlling temperature, agitation, and the supersaturation of the solution, they can produce high-purity crystals, proving useful in various fields.

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The cooling crystallizers are tanks provided with a mixer for internal circulation, where temperature decrease is obtained by heat exchange with an intermediate fluid circulating in a jacket or inner cooling tubes. These simple machines are used in batch processes, as in processing of pharmaceuticals and are prone to scaling. Batch processes normally provide a relatively variable quality of the product along with the batch.


A common practice is to cool the solutions by flash evaporation: when a liquid at a given T0 temperature is transferred in a chamber at a pressure P1 such that the liquid saturation temperature T1 at P1 is lower than T0, the liquid will release heat according to the temperature difference and a quantity of solvent, whose total latent heat of vaporization equals the difference in enthalpy. In simple words, the liquid is cooled by evaporating a part of it.

For any detailed information for Prettech crystallizing tanks, please feel free to contact us.

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