U Tube Type Heat Exchanger For The Petroleum And Chemical Equipments
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U Tube Type Heat Exchanger For The Petroleum And Chemical Equipments

The u tube type heat exchanger is composed of a shell housing a bundle of tubes. Heat transfer occurs between two fluids, with one flowing through the tubes and the other passing through the shell. This versatile heat exchanger finds extensive application in various industries such as chemical, power generation, HVAC and refrigeration, oil and gas, compressor cooling, marine, pulp and paper, metals and mining, among others.

Our heat exchangers are highly customizable to meet your specific requirements. Each unit's specifications can be tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. We take pride in providing tailored configurations that precisely match your application demands.
  • HEX-U

  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L,Carbon Steel,Nickel Alloy,titanium,graphite etc

  • 0.5㎡ to 300 ㎡

Product Description

The U-tube type heat exchanger, categorized as a tube and shell heat exchanger, is a vital component within the realm of petroleum and chemical equipment. Consisting of essential elements such as the tube box, shell, and tube bundle, this heat exchanger design facilitates convenient drying following the hydrotest process.

Product Structure
structure of u tube type heat exchanger

-Type:U Tube Type


-Front/End header



-Tie robs

-Spacer pipes

-Baffle plates


-Material:Stainless Steel 304/316,Carbon Steel Q235B/Q345R,Nickel Alloy,titanium,graphite etc

Product Advantage

Outstanding Performance: Our heat exchangers deliver exceptional performance, demonstrating remarkable resistance to pressure, temperature, and corrosion.

Stringent Quality Control: We adhere to strict quality control measures, conducting thorough pressure testing and employing advanced NDT methods such as RT, UT, PT, and MT to ensure the reliability of our products.

Expert Craftsmanship: Our skilled welders, certified with special equipment welder certificates, meticulously complete all welds to guarantee the integrity of our pressure vessels. Moreover, we utilize strength expansion and stick expansion techniques, enhancing the structural robustness of our products.

Heat exchanger 23102604

Tube and Tubesheet Welding


Shell Welding

Adherence to International Standards: Our manufacturing and design processes strictly follow globally recognized standards, including GB/T 151, ASME, PED, and EAC, ensuring absolute compliance and exceptional quality in our products.

Precision in Design: Employing cutting-edge software such as SW6-2011 and PV Elite, our heat exchanger design reaches new heights. These advanced tools enable precise thermal rating calculations and meticulous mechanical design for pressure vessels, ensuring optimal performance and unwavering reliability in our products.

Heat Exchanger pvelite

PV Elite

Heat Exchanger sw6-2011


Production Picture

Our heat exchangers offer a wide heat transfer area range, spanning from 0.5㎡ to 300㎡. We understand the importance of meeting your specific requirements, and therefore, we provide tailored specifications. For more detailed information, kindly send us your RFQ (Request for Quotation).

Apart from our heat exchangers, our product portfolio encompasses a diverse array of equipment, spanning plate heat exchangers, reactors, hot water tanks, dissolving tanks, alkali tanks, vacuum buffer tanks, sterilizing tanks, and CIP systems. Should you have any specific inquiries or bespoke requirements concerning these offerings, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our commitment is unwavering in providing top-notch solutions tailored to your distinct needs, and we eagerly anticipate the chance to be of service to you.

poling process of u tube type heat exchanger

Poling Process

welding process of u tube type heat exchanger

Welding Process

assemblying precess of u tube type heat exchanger

Assembling Process

Shell and tube heat exchanger 005

Finished Product










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