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Characteristics of beer fermenter tank

View: 58424/05/2021  

Now people like to drink beer very much, so do we know we use beer fermenter tanks and what characteristics?

1. The bottom of the cone-shaped production process at any time to facilitate the discharge of yeast, requiring the use of cohesive yeast.

2. The tank itself has a cooling device to facilitate the control of the fermentation temperature. The production is easy to control, the fermentation period is shortened, the infection opportunity is few, the beer quality is stable.

3. The outside of the tank body is provided with a heat preservation device, which can put the tank body outside, reduce the construction investment, save the floor area and facilitate the expansion.

4. The closed tank is adopted to facilitate CO2 washing and CO2 recovery, and the fermentation can also be carried out under certain pressure. Can do fermentation tanks, can also do storage tanks, fermentation and wine storage can be combined into one, known as a jar fermentation.

 beer fermenter tank

5. The fermentation broth in the tank produces a CO2 gradient (i. e. a density gradient) due to the height of the liquid. Through cooling control, the fermentation liquid can carry on natural convection, the higher the tank, the stronger the convection. Because of the existence of strong convection, the yeast fermentation ability is improved, the fermentation speed is accelerated, the fermentation period is shortened.

6. The beer fermenter tank can be controlled by an instrument or microcomputer, which is easy to operate and manage.

7.The beer fermenter tank is suitable for both bottom fermentation and top fermentation.

8.The CIP automatic cleaning device can be used for easy cleaning.

9. beer fermenter tank processing convenient (can be in-situ processing), practical.

10. The capacity of the beer fermenter tank can be adjusted flexibly according to the need for production. The capacity can range from 20 to 600m, and the maximum is 1500m.    

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