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How to check stainless steel wine barrel regularly

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Stainless steel wine barrel inspection includes external inspection, internal inspection, and comprehensive inspection. Periodic inspection of the stainless steel wine barrel is based on the stainless steel wine barrel technology. Stainless steel wine barrel should:

commercial wine fermentation tanks

1. Look at the last inspection data, and understand the defects, problems, and solutions in the last inspection process;

2. Remove stainless steel wine barrel material and separate it from other equipment;

3. Carry on the replacement cleaning to the residual gas in the tank, analysis achieves the safety standard;

4. Open all manholes to remove the insides and dirt from the walls;

5. Cut off the power supply of the stainless steel wine barrel and check the inside of the stainless steel wine barrel by using a low voltage explosion-proof lamp with voltage not exceeding 12V or 24V, check the instrument and tool voltage does not exceed 36V, should use well-insulated flexible wire and reliable grounding wire.

Internal inspection:

1. Whether there is corrosion wear on the inner surface and stainless steel wine barrel, and whether there are cracks in the weld, the transition zone of the head, or other stress concentration parts;

2. When the inner and outer surfaces of the tank are corroded, the wall thickness of the suspicious parts should be measured in many places. If the measured wall thickness is less than the design minimum wall thickness, the strength should be re-checked, and whether to continue to use and increase the allowable working pressure recommendations;

3. When there is decarbonization, stress corrosion, intergranular corrosion, and fatigue crack in the inner wall of the tank, metallographic examination and surface hardness measurement should be carried out, and an inspection report should be given.

External inspection:

1. Check the stainless steel wine barrel's anti-corrosion coating, insulation layer, equipment nameplate is intact, safety accessories and control device is complete, sensitive, and reliable;

2. Whether there are cracks, deformation, local overheating, and other phenomena on the external surface;

3. Whether there is leakage in nozzle weld and pressure position, whether the fastening bolt is intact, and whether the foundation has subsidence, tilt, and other abnormal conditions.

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