75 Gallon Stainless Steel Wine Barrel
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75 Gallon Stainless Steel Wine Barrel

With the addition of stainless steel wine barrel into your winemaking program, you now have the flexibility to create wines that were not possible before. If you want to make a white wine without exposing it to oak and have the ability to micro-manage how your wine develops, you need a stainless steel wine barrel.
  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L

  • 500L - 10,000L, other volume can be customized


| Description of stainless steel wine barrel

The spacious interior of this wine barrel allows for ample storage of your cherished wines. With a capacity designed to accommodate your desired quantity, you can confidently age and preserve your favorite vintages with ease.

The stainless steel material provides excellent insulation, maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level within the barrel. This creates the ideal environment for the maturation of your wines, enhancing their flavors and aromas over time.

Designed with precision, this wine barrel features a secure locking mechanism to prevent any unwanted tampering or exposure to external elements. The tight seal ensures that your wines remain undisturbed and untouched, allowing them to age gracefully and develop their full potential.

Whether you are a wine connoisseur, a winemaker, or a wine enthusiast, our Stainless Steel Wine Barrel is the perfect addition to your cellar or winemaking facility. Trust in its professional craftsmanship and superior quality to elevate your wine aging process to new heights.

Invest in the best. Choose our Stainless Steel Wine Barrel and experience the art of aging fine wines like never before.


 Data Sheet


stainless steel wine barrel



Jacket type




Surface finish





Can be customized according to customers’ requirements and productions process

Warranty time

2 years




1 unit

Quality control
● All stainless steel coils are purchased from high-quality steel supplier.All chemical composition and mechanics performances are
controlled strictly.
● All welders are qualified.
● ISO9001 system assures all procedures done correctly.
● All tanks are inspected completely before delivery, including hydrostatic test, dye penetration test,etc

1.Made by nice stainless steel 304,sanitary grade,
2.All welded parts are polished smoothly,
3.Interior cooling plate has better performance of heat exchanging,
4.Reasonable prices

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We will design a custom solution perfect for your processing needs.

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