Stainless Steel Paint Mixing And Storage Tanks
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Stainless Steel Paint Mixing And Storage Tanks

We offer a wide range of options, including high-grade stainless steel variants such as 316 and 304 carefully selected to match the unique characteristics of the medium being processed. This ensures optimal compatibility, longevity, and safety while preserving the integrity of the coating materials throughout the production process.
  • CHM-Top2

  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L

  • 500L-30,000L


| Product description

Pretank stainless steel paint mixing and storage tanks is an essential piece of equipment widely utilized in the coating industry for various processes, including mixing, stirring, and reactions. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this tank offers exceptional corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and wear resistance. The mixing tank features a well-designed structure, delivering efficient mixing performance, low energy consumption, and user-friendly operation. 

Additionally, optional accessories such as electric lifts, turning mechanisms, and temperature control systems can be incorporated to accommodate the specific requirements for different customers.

Our mixing tanks are certificated by GMP,CE, UL,CSA,IECE,ATEX.

| Application

Pretank stainless steel paint mixing and storage tanks is widely used paint,inlatex paint, oil-based paint,acrylic paint,epoxy paint,metallic paint,anti-rust paint,varnish,Intumescent fire-resistant paint and other coatings industries.

| Features

Resistance to corrosion: Stainless steel tanks are highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring the durability of the tank and the quality of the coatings stored within.

Ability to withstand high temperatures: These tanks can endure high temperatures during the mixing process, facilitating efficient blending of paint and coating materials without compromising their integrity.

Hygienic and easy maintenance: With their smooth surface, stainless steel tanks are easy to clean and maintain, promoting hygiene and preventing contamination in the mixing operation.

Efficient mixing capabilities: Engineered with advanced mixing mechanisms, these tanks deliver thorough and consistent blending of paint and coating materials, ensuring optimal mixing performance.

Energy-efficient design: Stainless steel mixing tanks are designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing mixing efficiency, offering both cost savings and environmental benefits.

Tailored solutions: These tanks can be customized with a range of features and accessories, including temperature control systems, agitators, and sampling valves, providing bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs of the paint and coating industry.

| Techincal parameters

Materials SUS304/SUS316L,Carbon Steel,Nickel Alloy,Titanium etc
Materials Viscosity ≤500,000 cps,customized
Production Capacity 500-3000L,customized
Voltage 208/220/380/400/415/440 V, 3Phase 50/60hz
Certification GMP,CE, UL,CSA,IECE,ATEX
Application Industry Used for dispersing and mixing in industries such as paint, ink, adhesives, dyes, pesticides etc.
Temperature control Adaptable heating/cooling methods including electric heating, steam heating or water cooling ensure customization to your requirment.
Drive mode Electric drive, pneumatic drive, hydraulic drive, can be customized
Speed High speed type, medium speed type, low speed type,can be customized
Sealed form A variety of sealing forms are available to meet the design requirements of vacuum, normal pressure, low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure.
Surface treatment PTFE coating, polyurethane coating, tungsten carbide coating, etc.

- Stainless steel 304 construction ensures durability and corrosion resistance.

- The tank features a semi-open top with hinged lids for easy access and an oval bottom for efficient mixing.

- Both the interior and exterior of the tank are finished with a smooth 2B finish.

- Sturdy lug supports provide stability and support to the tank.

- The tank includes a half pipe heating jacket for efficient heating of the contents.

- A 1/2" sampling valve allows for easy sampling of the liquid.

- A liquid level indicator is included to monitor the level of the liquid inside the tank.

- The top agitator is equipped with a motor, gearbox, paddle agitator, rack, and mechanical seal for effective mixing.

-The tank has 2" inlet and outlet connections for convenient fluid transfer.

- A 2" drainage outlet enables easy emptying of the tank.

- A breather is installed to regulate air pressure inside the tank.

- Additional accessories, such as a control box, pump, load cell, and stainless steel pipelines, are provided for enhanced functionality.

The stainless mixer tank is offered in a versatile capacity range spanning from 500 liters to 50,000 liters, and we provide customizable options to cater to your specific needs. To obtain more detailed information, please submit an inquiry, and our team will be glad to assist you further.

| Mixer selection

Mixer selection

| Product packing

  Covered with a blanket to prevent a collision.
  Employing a wooden shield to deter the agitator from swaying on the road.
  Place inside a container with support from saddles and secure with reinforcing steel strips.

| Certificate

Over 100 patents including utility,invrention and industrial design.

Pass through ISO certificates of  ISO9001/22000/ 45001, and other export certificates of  CE, PED, API650, AS1210, AS1692, CSA.


| Processing Machinery

Pretank use advanced processing machines to fabricate our stainless steel tanks,including auto Robbot welding machine,laser cutting/welding machine,CNC lathe,plasma cutting and automatic welding machines.

The machines replace labor working and minimize the human fault& tanks defects,improve tank quality, shorten construction period.

Processing Machinery

| About Company

Pretank is established in 1971, it's the largest-scale and longest-history stainless steel vessels manufacturer in China,with 4000 staff, 666,000 m㎡ floor space and US$240 million annual sales. We have the most advanced technology, R&D capability in the industry,adopt solidworks and AutoCAD to design vessels, Engaged in formulation of National Standard in designing, producing, inspection and transportation.

About us53-Year History in Tank Fabrication

Prettech stainless steel tanks already used in 40 classifications,gather rich experiences and precipitate skills in varied industries,win 100,000 client’s trust

Guarantee Quality

- Ensure no leaks no rust, easy cleaning.
- All tanks are over engineered and heavy-duty made, lengthen tank service life.
- Stainless steel tanks produced by automatic and laser machines, reduce labor fault.
- Each tank is strictly tested and inspected before delivery.
- We pass through ISO certificates CE, PED, API650, AS1210, AS1692, CSA, supply 2-year warranty.

Competitive Price

Scale production and automatic machines reduce cost, Pretank always perseus the most reasonable price policy to share the profits with our consumers and distributors. With same quality our price are more strong competitive.

Customize Service Free of Charge
Our bespoke tanks are tailor-made for each project, considering material, strength calculations, dimensions, fittings, and ports.We listen carefully to your needs and provide humane designs.

Lifetime Engineering Service

At pretank family, you will get lifetime engineering service! Installation service on your site, making all the AutoCAD drawings for you, completely free parts replacement in the warranty date, low cost parts supplied out of the warranty, technology support door to door, lifetime consult support.


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