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The maintenance of wine equipments——Precautions for use

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1) It is strictly forbidden to use detergents including Cl- or disinfectants  for equipment cleaning.

2) If the equipment will not be used for a long time, please clean the equipment thoroughly before decommissioning, and close all valves after the water runs out. Before restarting the equipment after a long period of non-use, please clean the equipment thoroughly, and the cleaning can be repeated several times.

3) Regularly check the wiring and grounding of each motor and pump to ensure correct wiring. Check the oil level of the geared motor and hydraulic device, and the stirring motor should be regularly added with lubricating oil according to the instructions. Regularly check whether the agitator connections are tight. The pumps used shall not be idling or reversed, and the seals of the pumps shall be replaced in time if the pumps are found to be leaking.

4) Always check whether the pressure gauges and safety valves of the steam heating equipment are normal, and ensure that the steam traps are unblocked; if the standardized liquid level is not reached, the heating must not be turned on! When the equipment is running, high-temperature pipes such as steam and the top of the equipment should hang warning signs to prevent burns.

5) Pay attention to the concentration of alkaline water in the lye tank at any time. If it is found that the concentration of alkaline water is too low or too turbid, it cannot be used for washing and should be replaced in time.

6) Check all pipeline valves at any time, if any leakage is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

7) Always check the indication of the meter on the switchboard. For the temperature calibration of the digital temperature control meter, a mercury (or alcohol) thermometer can be used to calibrate the temperature to ensure the accuracy of the process parameters.

8) The fermentation equipment should be rinsed with water in time after each use.

9) It is strictly forbidden to grab and climb the equipment process pipeline, cooling pipeline and exhaust pipe.

10) When the equipment is shut down for maintenance, power and steam should be cut off, and warning signs should be hung.

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