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Additional Accessories for Wine Fermentation Tank

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Stainless steel wine tanks are widely used in the wine industry. Their accessories play a key role in ensuring the quality and safety of the wine. They are also of great significance in improving production efficiency, maintenance convenience and equipment life. Today we will introduce the accessories of stainless steel wine tanks in detail.
wine fermentation tank

Sample Valve

Sampling valves are generally made of high-quality stainless steel, usually 304 or 316 stainless steel. These materials have excellent corrosion resistance and durability and are suitable for long-term contact with wine.

The sample valve allows winemakers to take samples at various stages of fermentation and storage to test the quality of the wine, including sugar, acidity, alcohol content and taste. This helps ensure that each batch of wine meets the expected standards and quality

Cooling Jacket

Temperature control during the fermentation process is crucial. Different fermentation temperatures affect the activity and metabolism of yeast, thus affecting the flavor, aroma and quality of the wine. The cooling jacket can accurately adjust and maintain the ideal fermentation temperature.

Enables the circulation of cool water or glycol in the gap between the standard tank wall and the jacket, ensuring precise temperature regulation is crucial at every stage of winemaking, starting from the pressing of the must (juice) to fermentation, aging, and bottling. If temperature during fermentation is too high, it can result in a cooked taste in the wine and premature death of the yeast.

In some cases, the wine needs to be heated. The cooling jacket can also be used to transfer a heating medium (such as hot water or steam) to increase the temperature of the wine.

Thermometer and Thermowell

Thermometers and temperature sleeves in stainless steel wine tanks are important components of temperature monitoring and control systems. They ensure precise temperature control during fermentation and storage while maintaining health and hygiene standards.

Leveling Feet

Leveling feet adjust the height and level of the tank, ensuring it remains stable on uneven surfaces, preventing tipping and vibration. Even on sloping floors, the leveling feet can be adjusted to keep the tank upright. By adjusting the tilt angle of the tank, the leveling feet help optimize drainage and cleaning, ensuring no residual wine and maintaining a hygienic environment.

Fermentation Manway

The fermentation manway of the stainless steel wine tank is specially designed to provide convenient access and operation channels during the winemaking process. It allows operators to enter the interior of the wine tank for inspection, cleaning, slag removal, maintenance and repair work.

Pump Over System

The pump over system in the stainless steel wine tank helps manage the progress of red wine fermentation and optimize the color, taste and aroma of the wine. The pump circulation system helps pump the fermentation liquid (wine) at the bottom of the fermentation tank to the top of the tank and sprinkle it on the fermenting grape skin caps, which helps to promote fermentation and evenly distribute yeast. Through circulation, the system can effectively extract the color and tannins from the grape skins, which are essential for the color and taste of red wine.


Function: Allows the gas produced during the fermentation process to be discharged while preventing external air and impurities from entering the wine tank.

Features: Usually made of transparent material, it is easy to observe the gas emission.

Cleaning Spray Ball

Function: Installed on the top of the wine tank, it is cleaned by high-pressure water flow and rotary spray. It is used to clean the inside of the wine tank to ensure that there is no dead corner and achieve a thorough cleaning effect.

Features: Installed on the top of the wine tank, it is cleaned by high-pressure water flow and rotary spray.

Level Gauge

Function: Displays the liquid level of the wine in the wine tank for easy monitoring and management.

Features: Usually a transparent tube or float design, easy to read and maintain.

Outlet Valve

Function: Controls the discharge of wine from the wine tank, usually used to transfer the fermented wine to the next processing step.

Features: Common types include ball valves and butterfly valves, which are easy to operate and have good sealing performance.

Pressure Relief Valve

Function: Automatically release pressure when the pressure in the wine tank is too high to prevent the wine tank from exploding or being damaged.

Features: Set the upper limit of pressure to ensure that it automatically opens when the set pressure is exceeded.


Function: Used to mix wine and additives to ensure uniform fermentation and consistent flavor.

Features: Usually driven by an electric motor and equipped with agitators of different shapes and sizes.

Choosing the ideal stainless-steel wine tanks and accessories for your winery is crucial. These tanks facilitate the fermentation of fresh, premium wine without imparting unwanted flavors from the container itself. For guidance on Pretank and accompanying stainless steel wine accessories, reach out to our experts, who can assist in identifying the perfect wine fermentation tanks.

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