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Maintenance methods and precautions for wine fermentation tank

View: 92723/08/2021  

Maintenance of wine fermentation tank:

1, If the air inlet pipe and outlet pipe joint leaks, when the screw joint does not solve the problem, the packing should be added or replaced.

2, pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly, if there is a fault to timely replacement or repair.

3, when cleaning the wine fermentation tank, please use a soft brush to scrub, do not use a hard device to scrape, so as not to damage the surface of the wine fermentation tank.

4, supporting instruments should be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use.

5, electrical appliances, meters, sensors and other electrical equipment are strictly prohibited from direct contact with water and steam, to prevent moisture.

maintenance of wine fermentation tank

6. When the equipment stops using, it should be cleaned in time to drain the remaining water in the wine fermentation tank and all pipes; Loosen the cap and hand screw of the wine fermentation tank to prevent permanent deformation of the sealing ring.

7, the operation platform, constant temperature water tank and other carbon steel equipment should be regularly (once a year) brush paint, prevent corrosion.

8, often check the reducer oil level, such as lubricating oil is not enough, need to increase in time.

9. Replace the lubricating oil of reducer regularly to extend its service life.

10. If the wine fermentation tank is not used temporarily, it is necessary to empty the wine fermentation tank and drain the remaining water in the tank and the pipes.


1). Before sterilizing the tank, be sure to check the height of the liquid level, requiring that all electrodes are not below the liquid level.

2). Before turning on the power supply of the wine fermentation tank, be sure to check whether the cooling water has been turned on and whether the temperature probe has been inserted into the tank, otherwise the heating circuit will be burned out.

3). During the fermentation process, the working table must be kept clean, the used culture bottles and other items should be cleaned in time, and the spilled acid and alkali liquid or water should be dried immediately.

4). Install, disassemble and sterilize tanks with special care for pH electrodes and fragile and expensive parts of tanks

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