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Does the stainless steel water tank foundation need to be reinforced?

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You might wonder why the tank is built on another concrete floor instead of directly on the ground. Since SUS304 stainless steel water tank in the installation of the foundation, then need to add reinforcement? Below by stainless steel tank manufacturers to tell you why stainless steel tank foundation needs to add reinforcement.

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We do not look down upon the water tank foundation, it is actually a part of the whole water tank system, and is still a very important part. Just like building a house before also need to lay the foundation, the foundation is stable, solid foundation, the house will not have problems. The same truth, if there is no foundation or foundation did not play a good directly on the top of a heavy water tank, it is likely to cause foundation deformation to cause the structural damage of the water tank as a whole, light water tank leakage, heavy water tank collapse. Some people say: stainless steel water tank quality is not very light? Yes, stainless steel water tank quality is light, it is only relative to cement water tank and glass reinforced plastic water tank and other types of water tank, besides, the main purpose of water tank is to store water, water supply, we can not ignore the weight of water.

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