Customized Stainless Steel Open Top Fermentation Tanks
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Customized Stainless Steel Open Top Fermentation Tanks

Stainless steel open fermentation tanks mainly used for red wine fermentation. The absence of a lid gives the winemaker unlimited access to the lid formed by the wine skins, and it is easy to immerse the lid in water, allowing the wine to be fully mixed and fermented. The design of the large sloping bottom allows for easy and smooth drainage of peels and seeds after fermentation.
  • OTF-Btm

  • prettech

  • SUS304/SUS316L

  • 500L - 10,000L, other volume can be customized


| Product Description 

Stainless steel open fermentation tanksmainly used for red wine fermentation.The absence of a lid gives the winemaker unlimited access to the lid formed by the wine skins, and it is easy to immerse the lid in water, allowing the wine to be fully mixed and fermented. The design of the large sloping bottom allows for easy and smooth drainage of peels and seeds after fermentation.

Standard Configuration

7t open top fermention

- Reinforced channel on the top

- Large off-cone bottom

- Legs with foot pads and levelling tubes

- Thermo-regulation

1)Horizontal or vertical dimple jacket, 40% of area

2)Thermowell x1

- Valves

1)Racking outlet with ball valve

2)Drain outlet with butterfly valve

3)Sampler port 1' with valve

- Square/ round mandoor at bottom DN450

- Ladder rack

| Product Structure

open top fermentation tank structure

| Optional Accessories

- Level gauge-Helps winemakers or wineries monitor red wine inventory and make refills or adjustments when needed.

- Filter cover-Separates liquids and solids for easy access to wine.

- CIP-Equipment for cleaning and disinfecting the inside of wine tanks.


 Optional Surface

Surface treatment can be selected according to customer needs: 2B, oil brushed

2B finish open top fermentation vessel


oil brushed open top stainless steel fermenter

Oil Brushed

open top fermentation vessel

External Oil Brushed&Internal 2B



1)Our tanks are crafted from premium stainless steel, specifically utilizing SUS304 and SUS316L grades.

2)The height of the legs can be tailored to accommodate various sizes of bins or presses placed beneath the tank discharge.

3)Smooth arc transitions between head and tube, as well as pipe and tube, use butt welds (no fillet weld). Internally, the welds are polished for easy cleaning, eliminating sanitary dead angles.

4)The top opening is reinforced with angle steel to ensure the roundness of the tank and is not easily deformed.

5)The design of the large inclined cone at the bottom facilitates slag discharge.

6)The barrel is equipped with a Miller plate according to the customer's temperature requirements to control the temperature.

7)Manholes are configured according to customer needs. Square manholes are generally used for dry red fermentation to facilitate slag discharge. Circular manholes are generally used for dry white fermentation. The manhole is located at the bottom of the lower

| Product specification

Type Volume:HL dia.*barrel H(mm) Total H(mm) Jacket H & Quantity
FT-OT-1.5 15 Φ1330*1220 1570 600mm
FT-OT-2.0 20 Φ1850*1220   1570 600mm
FT-OT-2.5 25 Φ1600*1500 1850 1000mm
FT-OT-3.0 30 Φ1400*2000/
FT-OT-3.5 35 Φ1950*1770 2120 1000mm
FT-OT-4.0 40 Φ2200*1500 1850 1000mm
FT-OT-4.5 45 Φ2100*1500 1850 1000mm
FT-OT-5.0 50 Φ2100*1720 2070 1000mm
FT-OT-6.0 60 Φ2100*2000 2350 1220mm
FT-OT-7.0 70 Φ1950*3000 3350 1500mm
FT-OT-8.0 80 Φ2100*3200 3350 1500mm
FT-OT-9.0 90 Φ2150*3420 3770 2*1220mm
FT-OT-10 100 Φ2150*3750 4100 2*1220mm
FT-OT-12 120 Φ3000*1500  1850 1000mm
FT-OT-15 150 Φ2200*4000 4400 2*1220mm
FT-OT-20 200 Φ2200*5440 5840 2*1220mm

We provide turnkey engineering services,contact us with

| Strict Quality Control

1)We are certified by ISO9001 management system,all departments from technology, purchasing, production to inspections are managed well in order.

2)Supply pre-sale consultant, 2D&3D drawings,production and delivery, and after-sale training and claim response, Shorten the customer purchasing process, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

3)All welding and polishing workers are qualified and rookie trained well before they start to work in our company, guarantee welding quality.

4)All stainless materials are purchased from first quality steel mills, their qualified MTC is supplied and Pretank ourself would inspect again before put in our warehouse, including accessories and fittings.

5)We have 14 sets automatic machine for cutting and welding, improve working efficiency and delivery, reduce human working defects.

6)Each tanks are inspected by hydraulic pressure, or X-ray,or penetration inspection before delivery. In addition to self-inspection, we also welcome customers to come to the factory to inspect the goods in person, or assign a third party to inspect the goods to minimize delivery defects.

7)All stainless steel vessels/reactors are packed on steel saddle or pallet, and wrapped by crash proof blanket,loaded in containers or flat rack and braced by steel strips, to make sure the goods would be shipped to the clients in the most perfect condition.


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