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How To Choose The Right Stainless Steel Wine Tank?

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Picture this:As the owner of a wine estate, you've been lovingly nurturing your grapes all season long, you've reaped a bountiful harvest, and it's time to embark on the magical journey of transforming them into delicious wine. But before the alchemy begins, you need to choose the right stainless steel wine tank to complete the entire fermentation tank process.

In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of stainless steel wine tanks, exploring their key features, the fermentation process itself, and the various factors to consider when choosing the perfect fermentation tank for your winery. Whether you're an experienced vintner or just beginning your wine making adventure, this comprehensive guide will give you the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Harvest and press grapes

Types of Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Stainless steel dominates the world of wine fermenters due to its superior qualities. Here are the most common types of segments




Open Top Fermenter


Open Top Fermentation Tanks is designed for the fermentation of red wine, offering unrestricted access to the grape cap while facilitating convenient cap submersion. Its spacious, inclined bottom ensures a seamless and effortless removal of skins and seeds post-fermentation.

Red wine fermentation

Pump-Over Wine Fermentation Tank


By utilizing a pump, the juice is gently circulated from the bottom of the tank to the top, effectively submerging the grape pomace and extracting maximum flavor and color. 

Red wine fermentationThis technique enhances the extraction of tannins, resulting in a fuller-bodied and more robust red wine.

Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter

These tanks feature a cone-shaped bottom, facilitating the settling of grape skins and sediments during fermentation.

Red wine fermentation, promoting efficient extraction of color and tannins.

Horizontal Fermentation Tanks


Horizontal Fermentation Tanks offer a horizontal design coupled with a rotating stirring mechanism, maximizing the contact area between grape juice and skins.

Red wine fermentation

Wine Storage Tank


These tanks boast a jacket or double wall system, allowing for temperature control through a circulating coolant or heating agent.

Red wine fermentationwihte wine fermention and storage of food grade liquids

Forkable Tank


With forklift slot for easy forklift transportation

It is suitable for various industries and enterprises that require large-capacity wine storage and transportation, and can improve work efficiency and safety.

Variable Capacity Tank


These tanks are equipped with an internal floating lid that adapts to the wine volume, reducing the headspace and minimizing the risk of oxidation.

Small-batch winemaking or situations where fermentation volume varies.

There are two main types of wine, namely red wine and white wine. 

Red wine is fermented with lees, so a square manhole is generally used at the bottom to facilitate the discharge of subsequent grape dregs. Moreover, the fermentation of red wine generally has circulating spray. The function is conducive to the maceration of grape skins and the extraction of tannins, while the fermentation of white wine is peeling fermentation, so circular manholes are generally used and no circulating spraying is required. All wine tanks can be custom-jacketed to control fermentation and storage temperatures.

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Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Wine Tank


1)Production volume: Consider your annual production volume and how many tanks you will need to meet your needs.

2)Batch size: Will you be fermenting in large batches or piloting small batches?

Space restrictions:

1)Tank Size: Measure your available space to make sure there is enough room for your stainless steel wine tank.

2)Headroom: Consider clearance required for maintenance and access to tank openings.

Design and layout:

1)Number of tanks: Do you need multiple tanks to manage different stages of fermentation or experiment with different grape varieties?

2)Tank Placement: Plan the layout to optimize workflow and ensure easy access to valves, ports and walkways.

Customization options:

1) Jacket: Red wine fermentation requires precise temperature control, and the jacket can be customized as needed.

2) Bottom design: Red wine fermentation generally uses a cone bottom, which is conducive to the release of grape residue. Ordinary storage tanks, while white grape fermentation uses a flat bottom.

3) Variable capacity: suitable for small batches or fluctuating volumes?

4) Material grade: SUS304 stainless steel is the most common and economical choice, but some breweries may choose 316 stainless steel to enhance corrosion resistance.

5) Leveling feet: Many wineries have sloping floors to facilitate drainage of the water/wine/etc that inevitably ends up on the floor. Leveling feet help keep the tank completely upright even if the tank is on a sloping floor. The feet screw in and out of the main tank legs, making each leg adjustable

6) Pumping system:The pumping system allows the winemaker to draw liquid from the bottom of the tank and pump it back to the top of the bottle cap, which is beneficial to the full maceration of the grape skins.

7) Port configuration: Determine the location and type of temperature probe, bracket valve and sampling port.

8) Finish: Polished interior finishes are easier to clean, while exterior finishes can be selected to complement the aesthetics of your winery.Choose 2B or Oil Brushed according to your needs.

Choose the Suitable Supplier:

Now that you have a clearer idea of your needs, it’s time to explore the world of stainless steel wine tank suppliers. Here are the steps to consider at this stage.

1) Research reputable manufacturers: Look for companies with a good reputation in the wine making

 equipment industry to guarantee the quality of the products we buy.

2) Compare quotes: Consider factors such as tank capacity, functionality, material quality, and warranty terms, and compare prices from different suppliers for the same configuration.

3) Consider delivery time: Especially during peak seasons, custom stainless steel wine tanks may require waiting time. Therefore, our purchases must be planned in advance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Wine Fermentation Tanks


Durability: Stainless steel is a strong material that can last for decades if properly cared for.

Hygienic: Stainless steel is non-porous and easy to clean, minimizing the risk of contamination.

Temperature Control: Jacketed tanks provide precise temperature control, which is critical for red wine fermentation.

Versatility: Stainless steel tanks can be used to ferment various styles of wine.

Aesthetics: Polished stainless steel tanks add a stylish and professional feel to any brewery.


Cost: Compared to alternative materials like concrete or plastic, stainless steel wine tanks are more expensive and represent a significant investment.

Insulation: Stainless steel does not retain heat as well as concrete, which can be a drawback of the cold-soaking technique used in the production of some white wines.

Ultimately, your decision on whether a stainless steel fermenter is right for you depends on your specific needs, budget, and winemaking philosophy.

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