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How To Use A Variable Capacity Wine Tank

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A variable capacity wine tank is a type of vessel used in winemaking that allows for flexibility in the volume of wine it can hold. Unlike traditional wine tanks, which have fixed capacities, variable capacity tanks feature an adjustable floating lid or inflatable bladder system. This design allows winemakers to vary the volume of wine in the tank according to the amount produced during fermentation or aging.

Variable capacity tanks are often made of stainless steel or food-grade plastic and come in various sizes to accommodate different batch sizes of wine. They are commonly used in small to medium-sized wineries where production volumes may vary from one batch to another.

The adjustable lid or bladder can be raised or lowered to minimize the headspace (the empty space between the top of the wine and the lid) in the tank, which helps to reduce oxidation and maintain the quality of the wine. This flexibility in volume also allows winemakers to conduct fermentation and aging processes more effectively by minimizing exposure to air.


The assembly of a floating lid involves six main components: a stainless steel lid, a vent, an inflatable gasket, soft vinyl tubing, screw clamps, and an air pump. Putting it together is akin to fitting a tube onto a bicycle tire.

1.Fit the inflatable gasket onto the lid: Slide the gasket stem through the small hole in the lid lip, then stretch the gasket around the lid. Initially, the gasket will feel tight, which is normal. It expands upon inflation. To simplify assembly, connect the gasket to the pump and inflate/deflate it once or twice before attaching it to the lid.

2.Attach the vent.

3.Connect the air pump to the gasket using the vinyl tubing and screw clamps.

4.Inflate the gasket and check for leaks: Pay close attention to the tubing/gasket and tubing/pump connections. You can use a mixture of soapy water or submerge the connections in water to identify leaks.

5.Address leaks at tubing/gasket or pump/vinyl tubing connections: Leaks often stem from improper tightening of screw clamps. It's rare for the pump or gasket itself to be defective. Consider replacing the vinyl tubing annually as it can dry out and lose flexibility over time.

6.Seal threaded connections with Teflon tape where applicable.

7.Fill the tank with water initially to confirm all connections are sealed.

8.Install the floating lid: Float it on the wine surface and inflate the gasket to create a seal. Ensure not to exceed the recommended pressure to prevent issues such as wine seepage or the lid slipping.

9.Attach a rope to the lid to aid in raising and lowering it.

Things to note when using variable capacity wine tanks:

1) Sanitize tank. Rinse or air dry as necessary. Do not use chlorine bleach as this will damage the tank.

2) Close the valve at the bottom of the tank and transfer the wine into the tank. 

3) Place lid on top of the wine. Loosen the knob on the pump and inflate the gasket until the pressure is in the recommended range. Tighten the knob after inflating.

4) Check gasket pressure weekly and inflate as necessary.

5) Unseal the lid before draining any wine from the tank. Loosen the knob to vent the air from gasket. Drain as much wine as desired. Check that the lid is floating on the wine and re-pressurize the gasket.

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