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Stainless Steel Wine Insulation Storage Tank

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Learn how to reduce energy costs while making better wine.

Are you looking for the industry's most advanced, leading wine insulation storage tank that delivers massive electricity savings?

Our customers have saved millions of dollars due to reduced storage costs. The unique insulation system is highly efficient.

Wine producers in hot climates rely heavily on tank refrigeration to ensure the quality of their wine. In fact, the average winery spends 60% of its energy bill on refrigeration. Energy is an increasingly precious commodity, and energy prices have soared in recent years. By combining temperature control and reducing energy costs, you can ensure both the quality of your wine and a competitive price.

Pretank provide the most advanced insulated storage tanks for the wine industry.Our insulated tanks are designed for processes that require precise temperature control. Unlike other tanks, the insulated tanks are wrapped with a thick layer of polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane foam is one of the best choices for thermal insulation, especially for handling fluids. It has excellent thermal insulation properties, is moisture and water resistant, has low density and is lightweight.

The large dimple jacket ensures that the temperature inside the tank is always kept at an optimum level. Thanks to the vertical structure of the cooling jacket, the stored liquid can be effectively cooled even when the tank is not full.

Combining an insulating tank jacket with a polyurethane foam layer makes your temperature control system more efficient and affordable.

Durable, high-quality materials keep the tank in pristine condition even after years of professional use.

Our advanced  insulation storage tank not only provides outstanding aesthetics for tanks, but is also easy to maintain, makes techniques such as cold stabilization easier, and is a very positive environmental measure.

Customer References 2

Customer References

Basic Configurations 

Cylindrical Shell

√ Conical top

√ Conical or slop flat bottom

4 legs with adjustable feet and levelling tubes

Manhole, on the top or at side

Levelling indicator

Fire-proof Breathing valve


Drainage outlet

CIP arm and spray ball

Lifting lugs & Ladder rack

Jacket, Agitator, Insulation can be optional

Please communicate with our engineers and describe your requirements. We will design a unique solution that perfectly meets your customized needs.

Provide stainless steel tanks solutions for liquid processing of STORAGE,FERMENTING, HEATING,CHILLING, BLENDING, DISTILLING, MASHING AND BOILING.




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