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Is the principle of wine fermentation tank related to the price?

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Yes, the type and quality of the fermentation tank can have an impact on the price of wine. Here's why:

Material and Design:

Fermentation tanks can be made from various materials such as stainless steel, oak, concrete, or even plastic. Stainless steel tanks are known for their durability and ease of cleaning, but they tend to be more expensive than plastic. Oak fermentation tanks can impart unique flavors to wine, especially for certain styles like red wines, but they can also be costly due to the price of oak and the craftsmanship involved.

Temperature Control: 

Tanks with built-in temperature control systems are typically more expensive but allow winemakers to control the fermentation process more precisely, which can lead to higher-quality wines.

Size and Capacity: Larger tanks often cost more due to the increased material required, but they can also offer economies of scale in production, affecting the final price of the wine.

Prettech's wine tanks precisely controls temperature by adding stainless steel jacket.

Complexity and Features: 

Some tanks come with additional features like automatic mixing, pressure control, or specialized coatings. These features can add to the cost but might also contribute to a more consistent or unique wine product.

In summary, the type of fermentation tank can influence the quality, consistency, and complexity of the wine, which in turn can affect its price. High-end wines often use more expensive tanks that allow for greater control and precision, while budget wines might use simpler, less costly tanks.

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