Open Top Fermentation Vessel with Large Off-cone Bottom & Supporting Legs
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Open Top Fermentation Vessel with Large Off-cone Bottom & Supporting Legs

Open top fermentation vessel, is used for red wine fermentation. It provides unlimited access to cap and is easy to submerge the cap. The large sloped bottom enables a very easy and smooth discharge of skins and seeds after the fermentation
  • OTF-Btm

  • SUS304/SUS316L

  • 500L - 10,000L, other volume can be customized


| Description of Open Top Fermentation Vessel

The Open Top Fermentation Vessel is a crucial element in the brewing process, playing a key role in facilitating the smooth progression of fermentation. What sets this vessel apart is its design, characterized by an uncovered top that allows ambient microbes and yeast to freely enter and exit during the fermentation process. This open characteristic provides a natural environment for fermentation, enabling yeast to interact more effectively with the fermenting substance, resulting in distinctive flavors and aromas.


 Optional Surface

2B finish open top fermentation vessel


oil brushed open top stainless steel fermenter

Oil Brushed

open top fermentation vessel

External Oil Brushed&Internal 2B



304 316 stainless steel open top fermentation vessel

Our tanks are crafted from premium stainless steel, specifically utilizing AISI 304 and 316L grades.

customized open top fermentation vessel

The height of the legs can be tailored to accommodate various sizes of bins or presses placed beneath the tank discharge.

high qualityopen top stainless steel fermenter

Smooth arc transitions between head and tube, as well as pipe and tube, use butt welds (no fillet weld). Internally, the welds are polished for easy cleaning, eliminating sanitary dead angles.


 Data Sheet

open top fermentation vessel model

Standard Configuration

- Reinforced channel on the top 

- Large off-cone bottom 

- Legs with foot pads and levelling tubes 

- Thermo-regulation

  • Horizontal or vertical dimple jacket, 40% of area

  • Thermowell x1

- Valves

  • Racking outlet with ball valve

  • Drain outlet with butterfly valve

  • Sampler port 1' with valve

- Square/ round mandoor at bottom DN450 

- Ladder rack

Type Volume:HL dia.*barrel H(mm) Total H(mm) Jacket H & Quantity
FT-OT-1.5 15 Φ1330*1220 1570 600mm
FT-OT-2.0 20 Φ1850*1220   1570 600mm
FT-OT-2.5 25 Φ1600*1500 1850 1000mm
FT-OT-3.0 30 Φ1400*2000/
FT-OT-3.5 35 Φ1950*1770 2120 1000mm
FT-OT-4.0 40 Φ2200*1500 1850 1000mm
FT-OT-4.5 45 Φ2100*1500 1850 1000mm
FT-OT-5.0 50 Φ2100*1720 2070 1000mm
FT-OT-6.0 60 Φ2100*2000 2350 1220mm
FT-OT-7.0 70 Φ1950*3000 3350 1500mm
FT-OT-8.0 80 Φ2100*3200 3350 1500mm
FT-OT-9.0 90 Φ2150*3420 3770 2*1220mm
FT-OT-10 100 Φ2150*3750 4100 2*1220mm
FT-OT-12 120 Φ3000*1500  1850 1000mm
FT-OT-15 150 Φ2200*4000 4400 2*1220mm
FT-OT-20 200 Φ2200*5440 5840 2*1220mm

| Certificate








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