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When will China lift tariffs on Australian wine? Ministry of Foreign Affairs response

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On March 26, 2021, the Ministry of Commerce of China ruled that Australian wine was dumped and subsidized, and decided to impose anti-dumping duties on it. In order to avoid double taxation, no countervailing duties were levied. The anti-dumping tax implementation period will start from March 28, 2021, and will last for 5 years. The anti-dumping tax rate of each company is 116.2%-218.4%.


China is the biggest destination for Australia's wine exports, accounting for 39% in the first nine months of 2020, according to Wine Australia.Wine tariffs hit Australia's wine exports hard.

The latest news,on March 13, 2024, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference.

There are questions related to Australian wine tariffs to be answered.

AFP: The Australian wine industry said today that the Chinese government is expected to lift anti-dumping tariffs on Australian wine soon. Can you confirm this? When will China make the relevant announcement?

Wang Wenbin: I’d refer you to competent authorities for your specific questions. What I can tell you is that for some time, China and Australia have engaged in dialogue and consultation to address each other’s concerns properly and jointly worked to realize a momentum of improvement and growth in bilateral relations. China stands ready to continue stepping up dialogue and cooperation with Australia under the principles of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and seeking common ground while shelving differences, so as to promote the steady and sound growth of China-Australia relations.


It is believed that China will abolish the import tax on Australian wine soon, which will be a major benefit to Australian wine.

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