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Variable Capacity Wine Fermentation Tank (Floating)

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Jiangsu Prettech company produces variable capacity wine fermenter(floating), tank top cover is open, the top cover is like the piston of the cylinder, it can hang out from the tank, turn to the side to make it in pots outside, and tanks can be used as an open fermentation vessels, if necessary. A rope and ratchet can reduce the CAP increase, and rotation. Tank wall and top cover of sealed way is has originality of: its key is top cover of outer ring is a black of food level can expansion of rubber tube, on like a big bike tire; put has gas Shi top cover can free to in tank in increased or reduced, and inflatable Hou, rubber tube on put tank wall to seal live has, accurate to fixed live has top cover, such on can according to tank in liquid of liquid bit level adjustment tank top upper and lower has.

Floating lid fermentation tank advantages:

Compared with general stainless steel tank, There are two main advantages of this tank.One is the tank top can according to solution of capacity be adjustment and can sealed, which solution has troubled we of half tank wine may brings of oxidation problem and complex of management;Second is a tank more with, both can for fermentation red wine, and also can for store original wine, and also can as large storage tank of auxiliary tank, this characteristics suitable various scale of Winery, especially on small and medium factory has special meaning. Its nature is that it's "variable" and "multifunctionality".

Provide stainless steel tanks solutions for liquid processing of STORAGE,FERMENTING, HEATING,CHILLING, BLENDING, DISTILLING, MASHING AND BOILING.




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