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3000KL Winery Project in Marlborough, New Zealand

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Project scale: 

A total of 48 wine storage tanks (12 each of 30kl, 60kl, and 100kl)

Project location: New Zealand

Customers buy these tanks for wine storage. When communicating with the customer in the early stage, we reminded the customer that his place was in an earthquake zone. After detailed communication with the customer, we do the careful calculations of wind bear, snow bear, earthquake intensity, etc. based on the soil type at the customer's site. The finally designed storage tank can withstand an 8-magnitude earthquake, fully meeting the customer's requirements.

After signing the contract with the customer, our company set up a special project team to develop a production schedule based on the customer's delivery time requirements. With the cooperation of the team, we completed the delivery of all storage tanks within 5 months!

Regarding transportation: Since the order are large storage tanks, transportation costs are another relatively large pressure for customers. Combined with the customer's on-site installation capabilities, our company designed a roll-in loading plan for the customer to put the small tanks into the large tanks, helping the customer save US$200,000 in transportation costs.

3000KL Winery Project in Marlborough (1)

The overall project, from design to delivery, exemplifies our commitment to customer satisfaction, engineering excellence, and cost-effective solutions.

Choose prettech, Your trusted wine equipment supplier.

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